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26th-Mar-2012 12:13 pm - How's My Driving?
If you have anything to say about how I'm playing America, you can post it here. Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging is off, and comments are screened.
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12th-Aug-2013 01:17 am - Mailbox
Box 1492
[I will make this pretty later probably]
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11th-Aug-2013 10:04 pm - Permissions
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17th-Sep-2012 01:17 am - Body Swap Guide
-America has super strength: it's no problem for him to spin a buffalo around by its front hooves or pick up trees.

-America heals more quickly than a normal human: while fatal wounds are still fatal, if he can be kept from dying he will heal from anything because it hasn't actually hurt America-the-country and therefore it won't stick for long. A broken bone will last a few days, while a minor wound may very well be gone before the day is out.

-America's consciousness is sort of that of an individual personality built out of many multiple personalities: that is, he is made up of all his people. It'll feel like there's a lot of people coming to consensus in his mind. If you can learn to ignore that feeling his actions are basically human, and there is an individual self in there.

-running around in forests a lot
-talking to bunnies and other animals (they don't talk back or anything)
-generally spending a lot of time out in the wilderness on his own

-everyday interactions with his people (early colonial-era America; he's basically Virginia right now)
-waiting on the docks for England
-using his super strength in playing with stronger animals like buffalo and bears

-the events in these strips (basically good for all your important memory needs)
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25th-Aug-2012 12:32 am - Animus: Possessions
x2 nightgown outfits
x1 proper outfit
x1 bunny
x2 seed packets

x1 musket
x1 English flag
x1 American flag (thirteen stars in a circle)
x1 copy of the Declaration of Independence
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